Bike hotel

€ 15,00 / night

Bike hire is available at the Hotel so you can go for a walk and discover all the valley has to offer.

Bike Rental


€ 20,00 / unit

For those customers who like nature and take refuge in a space of pure air, we call and suggest the purchase of picnic service, so you can enjoy the Caima River and its banks, 40 hectares of clean forest and a pedestrian circuit of 2 km.


Four Elements Spa

€ 60,00 / unit

Between the peace of nature and the energy of the river, enjoy moments of relaxation and unforgettable in our company.



€ 10,00 / night

Enjoy an artificial climbing wall of 7.5 meters *.

See the Hotel from a different perspective.

Tell us what time you want to climb when you make your reservation or when you check-in.

* Value for 4 uploads.

If you want to climb more times, please contact the reception.