Vale do Rio

The hotel

The region's natural richness and source of inspiration, the Caima River and the surrounding countryside are the calling card of the Vale do Rio Rural Hotel.

The 4 Elements of Nature

At Vale do Rio Rural Hotel we appeal to the sensations through the pleasant surrounding. For this same reason, the tourist resort is decorated according to an inspiring theme, the four elements of nature: Earth, associated with the fauna and flora of the region; Air, the pure and calm environment of the place; Water, alluding to Rio Caima and Fogo,   combined with the sun and the energies. All these elements in balance are essential to human life. Your stay will also be essential to our success. Come and feel closely this mix of emotions that nature has in store for you.

Hotel History

The main reason for the construction of the Vale do Rio Hotel Rural was the existence of a mini-hydro, already in this place, since the end of 1800. After being properly restored and functioning, it was considered the possibility of sharing the magnificent landscape of this well known place. as "Princesa do Caima", with the most modern infrastructure and all the excellent services. This is an innovative project, an eco-hotel that aims to harness and explore various renewable energies: hydro, solar, photovoltaic, biomass and biodiesel.